Our Selection

Here at The Queens we offer a wide variety of food, varying from sandwiches to chateaubriand, and for complete peace of mind, we also acknowledge that no one person is the same and we include various dietary options into our menus so you don't have to worry!


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Pub & A la Carte

Catering towards those who like a classic well cooked pub meal such as Haddock in a crispy batter, or to those who want a restaurant experience serving delicacies such as scallops & chateaubriand.

Prix Fixe

Our set price menu aims to keep things vibrant and interesting, as can be sometimes changed daily! This menus enables people to sample the upto three great courses for one simple price! starting from 13.50


Sandwiches & Baguettes 

As well as serving restaurant food, we also appreciate how nice it is to stop by somewhere and come out for a bit of lunch or late lunch for that matter! this is why we have a range of sandwiches and baguettes you can choose from including Steak baguetttes and homemade fish finger sandwhiches! 

Sunday Lunch

Sunday is a day of rest and what better way to spend it than with us enjoying a freshly prepared beef diner! if beef isn't your thing we have other options such as roast chicken or fish! We like to change our sunday lunch menu every week to liven things up!

Vegan Menu

Here at the queens we like to incorporate as many dietary choices as possible, and for that reason we have specifically hand-crafted a menu that is full of tasty options that is completely suitable for vegans!

-   SPECIALS   -

Photo by coldsnowstorm/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by coldsnowstorm/iStock / Getty Images


Get to experience our famous burgers in new and exciting ways as we pass the choice over to you. Choose from over 12 different toppings to have your burger EXACTLY how you like it!

Photo by Lisovskaya/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Lisovskaya/iStock / Getty Images


Experience a mouthwatering rump steak for you and a friend for just £20. If rump isn't your thing we also have Chateaubriand for those looking for something really special!